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When did beauty become about perfection?

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I'll admit as a young girl I loved the world of fashion. Staying up late nights watching Americas next top Model, and thinking wow look how beautiful they are. I tried to emulate their walks as if I was standing right in the competition. I watched shows , looked at magazines, and never truly saw a picture of what beauty without trying looked like.

The more young girls grow up in a toxic beauty culture, the more they feel pressured to look the same, because of the Instagram follow culture, are we loosing a sense of unique essence? We truly feel some type of pressure collectively to look "put together" as if looking broken, and authentic isn't beautiful enough.

I'll be the first to admit I love beauty, why else would I create a unique cosmetic and skin care brand, but the true focus is not about telling the world once you buy this product you'll be beautiful. My message is about telling the world that you already are.

Beauty should not be about perfection, but about the child like expression of confidence. When we were little girls we did not care if we looked perfect, we just loved ourselves, until our surroundings and our society taught us differently. Be able to love yourself without the need to seek perfection. When you look in the mirror don't see the minor flaws you think exist , think about and observe the unique beauty that is right in front of you, and that has the true ability to change the world.

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As always with so much love,

-Victoria Esmond

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