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What the Beauty Community Get's Wrong

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Let's be honest the beauty community is large, and diverse, but we can not ignore the growing influence of the beauty culture on women and young girls. It's common to hear of some type of Youtube or twitter war, between individuals in the beauty community. That toxicity is a reflection of how the beauty industry operates and why it's not beneficial for the industry overall. It is important that the beauty community represent the diverse beauty that exists in our world, and represent the openness and acceptance of how others look, and operate.

When we don't have openness and we allow toxicity to thrive we are teaching others the activity of judgement, and exclusion is normal and expected in the beauty community. There is so much power in unity, and in transparency. It is vital that beauty continue to be the art that it is, rather than a strict judgmental form of expression, others should be free to participate and express themselves without fear of drama, toxicity, and chaos.

Although times are changing and there is more of a call to be kinder, more understanding and open with others it is important that the principle be reflected in the beauty industry . The beauty industry should be the example of uplifting others and how they view themselves, not teaching others they are not perfect or good enough, unless they follow your methods, or certain "looks" , or fit into a mold. When people have freedom of expression it shows , and the way that people feel their beauty is one of the most unique expressions of individuality, and it is a sad day when women and young girls feel as though their unique expression and essence isn't valuable. I want to create a new trend, a trend of truth that states it is powerful, being yourself, and being your own icon is the new beauty culture.

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As always with so much love,

-Victoria Esmond

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