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Updated: Mar 5

Let's get physical shall we?

Physical beauty is important as we all want to feel and look our best right?

There was a time where I never felt confident or beautiful. I struggled with so much self-esteem issues growing up. I truly believed I was ugly.

Many of you might still be struggling with self-esteem and confidence , and I would be lying to you if I said I never have those days. The truth is we all do, but the great thing is that we can change it.

Physical beauty is about the way you look, and it is so important for everyone to find their unique style. Work with what your mama gave you!


The first thing people see is your face. Do you have a solid skin care routine?

Do you have makeup accessible if you like to wear makeup?

If you wear makeup do you know how to try different styles?

I am all about expressing yourself and I love to look at so many cool makeup looks with fun colors, and at the same time for me I prefer simple looks that are elegant, and Iconic.

So know your style.


Hair is also a great thing to personalize. Do you like short hair, long hair or no hair?

Like many of you I would look up celebrity hairstyles and try to mimic their new hairdo,

but the truth is it's so important to figure out your style without outside influence, inspiration is good though, but also put your own spin on it. Does the hairstyle fit and complement your face shape, because it might look really good on a celeb that has a 15k glam team and red carpet lighting.

So it's great to figure out what hairstyle looks best for you. Whether you wear natural hair or experiment with fun wigs, weaves and extensions! Wigs and extensions can be a great alternative to new hairstyles especially if you don't want to damage your real hair.


Let's talk about your Body-ody -ody. Confidence is key and only you know how you feel about your body. I don't believe in telling others what weight they "should be" , or what size they should strive for. What do you want , or is it your goal just to be your happiest and healthiest?

Taking care of your body is a big step toward confidence and grooming.

Go to the gym, and if you don't like the gym try a new activity like running, martial arts or boxing.

But get into the shape that you want to be in, not because of societies standards, and not because other people want you to look a certain way. It's your body so care for it the way you want it to be.


Everybody loves a good wardrobe, but it's also important to dress for your body shape.

I talk more about that in the fashion piece of The Beauty Culture Hub click here to know more. Here I'll mention briefly the need to know your colors. It is so easy to look up color consultancy which pairs you with an expert to know if you are a winter, summer , spring skin tone. It's all about knowing your shape, colors and your unique style, because when you feel good and look good , baby you are unstoppable!

As always I want to know what you think about these physical beauty tips? What tips would you want to share to others?

With so much love,


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