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Physical health is so much more than numbers on the scale or having pretty Instagram pics.

Physical health covers nutrition.


How do you give your body the nutrients that it needs so it can perform at the optimal levels? Giving your body nutrients comes from the foods that you eat. I am so guilty of eating too many chick-fil-a nuggets and or qdoba tacos! As of late I'm gonna be honest guys I've had chicken wings, cheese sticks, nuggets, tacos, hotlinks you name it!

I've been such a foodie lately and I don't regret one bite!

I also know that eating healthier needs to be a priority for me. Even though I enjoyed eating those things I still didn't feel my best, and that's because I obviously fed myself delicious unhealthy foods!

So when it comes to nutrition look at what you're eating and how you can have a more balanced diet.


I've never been a fan of big horse pills, but I will chow down on some gummies! (only the recommended dosage though they aren't fruit snacks!"

If you're like me and don't really care for big pills get gummies, if you like vitamins in pill form take those and look at the properties of each vitamin it's saying it contains. Liquid vitamins are also a great alternative. I used to take a vegan liquid vitamin that was really good and tasted great, so its really about what works best for you, but take your vitamins!

It is also good to look at going to a compound pharmacy or a natural pharmacy rather than just going over the counter if you have that option accessible.


It is so beneficial to stay active. Getting the adequate amount of exercise can do wonders for your physical health. Also find the right physical activity for you. Do you like going to the gym, or do you prefer other physical activities?

Make exercise fun enough where even though your legs might be burning , and you're sweating everywhere it's still something you look forward to. I personally know the gym really isn't my thing so I can choose activities like running, boxing, martial arts or other physical activities.

Exercising combined with a healthy diet can work wonders for your health. When you really care for your psychical health and use tools and professionals that are accessible to you. Only your doctor can tell you what supplements you need to take and this is not a substituent for medical advice. Also nutritionists are specialist that can help you with upping your nutrition and seeing what you need, utilize these physical angels of professionals and nurture the shell where your soul resides.

As always what do you think about these physical health tips? What do you do to stay physically in shape? got any tips to share with others?

With so much love,

-Victoria E.

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