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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Growing up in poverty and a broken home, I never really understood fully what that experience taught me about money. I had a chronic fear of never having enough, and constantly being in survival mode.

After my parents split when I was seven years old, my mother had full custody of my sister and I. Times were rough, we lived in a motel for a while until my mother got back on her feet.

I remember all those times I wanted new things like a bra, or clothes and I knew my mom couldn't afford them.

I remember vividly a time when we went into a gas station and got 70 cents slush drinks, and my mom's card declined. We took one sip and left the drinks at the counter.

I don't tell you all of these stories to make you pity me, absolutely not.

I tell you this story because so many of us who grow up without basic necessities and in survival mode usually continue that cycle without even recognizing we need to make a change.

Money is energy meaning it is moving, it has a life and a frequency.

You can literally have a relationship with it.

If you find yourself struggling with money and finances the first step is to


Release any resentments you have about money whether you lost money, someone stole from you, or you are just ashamed of not having enough. When you hold onto resentments it is much harder for money to flow to you.


Sometimes I get so annoyed with these buzzwords like "vibration" and "frequency". I literally simplify it to this one word, JOY.

Maintaining a happy countenance, even in the face of challenges, and set backs having a positive joyful attitude will suit you much better than negativity. When you are joyful about your life and really find something you love to do, put it out into the world you will be shocked who might resonate, and from that place you can create a source of money and abundance, as you use your gifts and talents to help others.


Not invest money, Invest in Money

Your relationship with money is your responsibility. Just like any other relationship in life you have to talk and learn more about that individual the same thing applies to money and finances. Read financial books, learn how to have healthy money practices and budgets. Watch YouTube videos on money, listen to podcasts and learn how to strengthen your relationship with your finances.

As always I hope this helped you!

What are your thoughts on these tips?

With so much love,


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