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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The first step to fashion is knowing your colors.

Have you ever wondered why celebrities, and first ladies have so much style?

Yes they do have stylists and an entourage ,but they also understand the basics.

The colors are based of off the color wheel.

Some people are winter, summer and spring etc.

The science behind it is really interesting and there are companies that have color consultants that can help you out easily!

About 2 years ago I heard of a company called House of Colour. It is a British company that has color consultants all over the world. I was shocked to find one less than 3 hours away. I made my appointment and haven't looked back since.

Before my consultation I wouldn't be caught dead wearing green, red, or blue, and now I understand it wasn't that I couldn't rock those colors it was that I wasn't wearing the right shade.

So the first step is set an appointment up with a color consultant. House of Colour was a great choice for me but I am sure there are many more color consultants out there


Also I was shocked to find out that the only color that anybody and everybody can wear and look good in is RED!

I know right? red I couldn't believe it!

As always I hope this helped you , and helps you consider color consultancy to never stress over an outfit again!

With so much love,


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