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Inner Beauty

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Let me ask you a question. How well do you nurture your inner world? I know in times like this when beauty is nothing more than an eye-shadow palette , a new hair style and some filler it can be difficult to think of beauty outside of a physical construct.

How well do you prime and polish your inner beauty?

Inner beauty is not defined by Webster's dictionary so what is it?

I define inner beauty as the intrinsic fiber and expression of the true nature of a soul.

Meaning it's who you actually are, not what you look like, not how many pounds are on the scale and not how society defines you.

So much of this world can feel like a fake simulation where everyone is becoming a barbie transformer, and not really caring much about how we transform our inner life. In no way am I against cosmetic enhancements , and I do not believe in the culture of shame. I believe that we are all beautiful, but I cannot deny the fact that there is a "Standard" that has been pushed , and if you don't transform into that , you aren't seen as beautiful enough.

Have you ever met someone so beautiful, but they were mean, cruel or had a nasty attitude? Have you ever met someone who to society's standard wasn't qualified to be the "it" girl but she was so kind, so vibrant so radiant, so BEAUTIFUL?

It's the inner world that she has nurtured. It's the inner world that she took to the salon, or took to the spa, by doing the inner work necessary to be beautiful within and without.

What good is a beautiful person, if they have no idea how beautiful they are within?

So today I want you to think about just how beautiful you are and ask yourself, how am I taking care of my inner world? because within that lies treasures and valuables that cannot be priced.

As with every blog you know your girl drop's content you can keep to give you that extra boost no matter where you are.

Download the inner beauty guide. I hope this helps you explore your hidden treasures.

Download PDF • 55.54MB

If you want more tips like these follow us on our thriving TikTok page @burdenfreebeauty, the place where we share informational videos and encourage our fabulous beauty tribe!

As always with so much love,

-Victoria Esmond

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