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Feeling Insecurity?

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Let's be honest it's normal to not feel your best all the time.

This week I shared my insecurity about my stomach rolls and my patterns of being self-critical when I look in the mirror. Many people can relate to the feeling of critiquing everything about their looks in the mirror , whether it's their weight, their cellulite or facial features.

I believe so many women and young girls struggle with body image, even more so now from the impact of social media and the filters and illusions of beauty that exist.

It doesn't help that there is such a lack of transparency of filters, photoshop or influencers, and celebrities denying body modification.

We are living in a beauty and body image dystopia, and it is so important more now than ever to have a tribe of people that support and celebrate unique beauty. Please don't feel as if you are alone, or that nobody feels the way you do.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

If you find yourself struggling with insecurity here are 5 tips that can assist you in putting some pep in your step.

  1. have more self-compassion. Don't be so hard on yourself

  2. Analyze the root of the issue. Where is it coming from?

  3. Surround yourself with body positivity in your social media feed, and friends.

  4. know the difference between healthy goals and self limiting beauty patterns.

  5. stop comparing yourself to others and embrace your unique qualities.

When you can combine all these tips successfully you will start to feel and see improvement with not only how you show up for yourself , but for others as well!

If you want more tips like these follow us on our thriving TikTok page @burdenfreebeauty, the place where we share informational videos and encourage our fabulous beauty tribe!

I hope these tips helped you beautiful!

always be the change, and radiate beauty inside and out.


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