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Say goodbye to toxicity!

Emotional health is important and it is the space within ourselves where our soul feels peace.

Let me start by saying, you deserve to be happy. We all are on a journey to become our highest envisioned potential.

Like many of you I have experienced set backs, failures, and bitter disappointments , but how did I get through them you might ask?

The answer is....


Resilience is a skill, so much so that no matter what you go through you don't allow it to take over your mind and soul, or become your forever identity. I'm not talking about times when we experience severe loss that it's just an easy bounce back. When we all experience loss resiliency can be a great tool to motivate us and push us forward.


Another great tip to having emotional health is cutting away toxicity and having healthy boundaries.

Do you notice that your friends are never happy for you, I mean truly happy when something good comes into your life? If so they aren't your friends!

Do you have people around you that demean you or degrade you and having nothing but negative energy when you are around them? Whether it's a job, a friend, a boyfriend or even family, you do not have to entertain that which is toxic for your emotional well-being.

Listen in no way am I talking about being "hyper-sensitive" being so sensitive that if a friend, or family member or coworker disagrees with you , you think that they are demeaning you , not at all. People who are emotionally healthy are not hyper sensitive or easily offended. They are able to take criticism and not take it personally while at the same time being open to listening and also open to discerning the difference between criticism and toxicity. Be wise don't be hyper-sensitive in life people are not always nice, they aren't always gonna like you, people are gonna say things that might not be popular, so move on.

One of my teachers in high-school would always share this quote.

"Life isn't fair make it fair in your favor"


The other truth that I have learned when it comes to emotional health is taking responsibility for it. It is your responsibility to make yourself happy, fulfilled, and peaceful. What can you do today to spark joy within yourself?

It's a sad reality , but it's true that so many people still look for what their looking for outside of them. It is extremely easy to blame your circumstances, the people that did you wrong , or somebody else for why you aren't who you deserve to be. When people finally realize that happiness isn't something someone else or other people can give to you, but you have to find it within yourself, life truly becomes a lot easier and so much fun!

Learn to take responsibility for your emotions, even though it's not easy. The journey of self exploration is one that gives blessings a thousand times over.

As always what do you think about my emotional health tips? Do you agree or disagree? What emotional health tips would you share with others?

With so much love,

-Victoria E.

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