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Updated: Mar 5

When did diversity just become a buzzword for the beauty industry?

Inclusivity should not just be used for more sales dollars, or profits. Diversity shouldn't be something that is just tolerated, but celebrated and embraced.

The diverse beauty that exists in the world is enormous and the beauty industry continues just to dabble in about 15% of it.

A lot of diversity in the beauty industry just seems to be diversity of race, but that is missing so much more of the wide array of beauty that exits.

Many campaigns will feature models of different races, but they will look the same, small and petite, thin nose, perfect skin, and perfect smiles although that is beautiful too, and racial diversity is an important element of beauty industry progression there is so much more to explore.

The truth is that diverse beauty has never truly been revolutionary in the beauty industry on a global scale. Where different campaigns feature styles, cultures, facial features, and looks from around the globe.

One of my very first tiktok's that went semi viral had the image of woman from India wearing a nath, and also had a wide array of skin tones and features.

The comments were so heart warming and already confirming what I already knew.

comments like "I feel seen" and questions about different cultures being included in the beauty industry.

It's past time for a beauty revolution, a true sense of all of us defining our own beautiful, and celebrating the unique beauty that we all possess.

As always I leave you with love!

Let me know what you think of diverse beauty, am I way off or do you agree, and what would you suggest needs to change?

with so much love,

- Victoria

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