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Many of us don't know a thing about personal branding, and think branding is just for businesses and successful companies, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Everyone has a personal brand.

You have a personal brand, your neighbor has a personal brand and the post office worker has a personal brand.

Personal branding is defined as " the intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual"

Let me ask you this question.

What's your personal brand?

Are you the slob? The drama queen? The boss?

The good thing about personal branding is you can always change it and start living as the person you always wanted to be.

When creating your personal brand I want you to think of 10 adjectives that you would want others to describe you as.

Is it kind? assertive? or even boisterous?

Once you list 10 adjectives you can start applying those to different areas of your life.

The first area to apply them to is social media. It is great to have a good social media presence and it can either be a make or break if looking for a good job, so make sure that your social media reflects the best you!

Another fun exercise to do to build personal branding is to envision the person you want to be and think about what your day would be like. Would you wake up early? eat healthier ? exercise more frequently?

Start being the person you want to be today and build your personal brand!

As always I hope this helped you!

What do you think of these tips? What would you do to build your personal brand?

With so much love,

Victoria E.

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