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Breaking Skin Care Myths

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Skin care routines don't have to be so complicated, I feel like I get lost in the skin care blogs, and Instagram everyday

The Big Myth about skin care is a one size fits all approach , that skin care has to be cookie cutter or super complicated with numerous steps for you to reach your skin care goals.

Here's a few myths about skin care.

Myth #1 Eating Oily foods or sweets will break out your skin.

According to Harvard Health, " the oily substance called sebum causes acne, there's no evidence that any specific food causes acne" Now I'm not saying throw away your diet , and start eating bon bons all day, and taco Tuesday every day of the week, but your regimen for your skin and health should be based on how things make you feel.

Myth #2 To exfoliate well you have to scrub really hard In my days before creating Burden Free Beauty, my sister worked at Sephora she would bring walnut exfoliators home , I would try them, and I realized with having sensitive skin, that rubbing an exfoliator lightly is the best way to go , It doesn't have to be painful in order for it to work it's magic

Myth #3 Essential Oils aren't good for skin

Most of our products contain essential oils in them, mixed with the finest oils, and natural ingredients to help your skin, I was recently asked on my Instagram what oil I would use for acne, instead of using all the toothpaste in the world for your zits and pimples I recommended helichrysum oil, with a little jojoba oil as a carrier. Skin care products don't have to be filled with " fragrances" in order to work they can have and contain pure essential oils that work wonders.

Myth #4 What works on social media will obviously work for me

Not always true , the social media sphere with beauty is a huge industry and people get paid for reviewing all your celebs favorite products and lines, doesn't mean that they work and will work for you , don't fall into pressure to buy products just because you saw it on social, know your skin care needs and see what works for you.

Know that finding the skin care products that work for you is a journey , love your skin, and be comfortable with exploring the best skin care products that fit your needs and skin goals.

If you want more tips like these follow us on our thriving TikTok page @burdenfreebeauty, the place where we share informational videos and encourage our fabulous beauty tribe!

As always with so much love,

-Victoria Esmond

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