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Being confident isn't easy for everyone, and there are many times in life our confidence might take a hit. The truth is that most people lack a strong confidence and there are so many areas in life where we lower our standards because of it. The worst times in life like a bad breakup, a loss of a job or income, or even others projecting onto you their limiting beliefs can impact how strong your confidence is at that moment.


If you have been struggling with confidence recently because of a certain situation and it has left you feeling crumby here are going to be 5 ways to build back your confidence quickly!

  1. Cut out toxic people

No, it's not very nice to say goodbye to people, but sometimes that is necessary if they are a source of negativity in your life. Ask yourself this question. Do the people around me uplift me or tear me down? Most of the time we don't want to keep it real because we are afraid of hurting other people, whether it be friends or family.


2. Start prioritizing your peace and happiness

Many times, we are taught the very opposite, take care of everyone else and then you are able to take care of yourself, but that is backwards. OfCourse if you have kids, they should come first they eat before you do, but this is about making sure you don't lose yourself. If you are running on empty and taking care of others to the point you aren't prioritizing your life, your confidence will decline. The moment you prioritize and organize your life for success your confidence will increase.


3. Know when to cut your losses

When you are in a bad spot, whether it's a bad relationship or crappy job, it is wise to know when to cut your losses. If something in your life is bringing more burden, more low self-esteem than it is bringing peace, stability and joy, it's time to cut your losses. I've seen people stay in toxic situations to the point their confidence never fully recovered. Most of the time in situations like that it has to do with relationships, whether a partner is cheating, talking to them crazy, or even being verbally and physically abusive. The good news is that you control your life, and you always have the power to walk away no matter what anyone says.


4. Take time to grieve and heal

When you are trying to build your confidence back from a low moment, take time to embrace what you feel, not run from it. Feel the pain of the breakup, or loss of a job, because when you feel it you can analyze and move forward. The reason why so many people go from bad relationship to bad relationship and lose their confidence is because they never take a break to heal and assess not only what went wrong, but what part they played in it. Many people in this generation are afraid of taking "L's" (meaning losses), but sometimes taking that loss is really the springboard for our biggest success.


5. Increase your self love start feeling yourself.

Okay I'm going to be alittle vain but this is true. If you want to increase your confidence from a low moment start feeling yourself again! Start investing in your body, feeling good and looking good. If you have been stuck in a rut it's time to get back out there , buy some new clothes, go get a facial or buy one from target , get your nails done, or go to marshalls and get their 4.99 OPI polishes (p.s I get those all the time, pretty on a budget!). Do what it takesto start feeling beautiful and confident again, and take it easy on yourself!

I believe in you!


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